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25 March 2011 @ 11:29 pm
Sakurai Shou Ichimen Introduction  
Sakurai Sho Ichimen
"News is hard because it isn't reported from the start." 
The Ichimen* exists for people who think like this.
No matter how difficult the topic, one can become "enlightened"** in 3 minutes.
Once a month, we have also started doing a news coverage of the actual scene.
The content of Monday Caster Sakurai Shou's popular corner is being published (here).
*Ichimen means one aspect /  one side / one surface / the whole surface.
**The original sentence was "Me kara uroko" which when literally translated means "The scales from the eyes". Apparently this phrase is some kind of proverb which means "enlightenment".
Note: The paragraph above is the translation of the introduction in the News Zero Ichimen blog.