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04 December 2012 @ 07:56 pm
Ichimen! Oct. 29, 2012 - A Tight Race: A Look at the U.S. Presidential Elections  
Hey guys~ It's been a while! *coughs* I missed translating Sho's Ichimens, so here's the one from last week!

Ichimen! Oct. 29, 2012 - A Tight Race: A Look at the U.S. Presidential Elections

The U.S. Presidential elections are this coming Tuesday.
It's a tight race!

This is a picture of President Obama with a cellphone in his hand.

Last Oct. 25, he also did "phone campaigns", which are calling for votes by phone.
The elections are so tight that President Obama is on alert.

If we take a look at the latest approval ratings,
President Obama of the Democratic Party has 46.7% 
while Republican Party Candidate Romney has 47.7%, 
with slightly Candidate Romney leading.

Contrary to popular belief, the one who gets higher ratings
isn't necessarily the winner in the U.S. Presidential elections.
This is because of a "special" rule.

This rule is
"competing for the people called "electors"".
There are 538 electors all over the U.S.,
and the one that gets the majority of more than 270 votes wins the elections.

The number of electors are divided among each state in advance, depending their population.
The state of California has the most people with 55 electors,
while the state of Vermont, among others, has 3 electors. There's quite a big difference.

Voters from all over America will be participating in the poll,
but we will be using the state of California as an example in explaining the process.
In California, each person will vote for the person they wish to have as president.

For example, if President Obama gets even just 1 vote more than candidate Romney,
then he will win all 55 electors of the state of California.

This winner-gets-all-the-electors method
is being used by most of the states.
This arrangement shows the position of the state rather than the individual.

So, which candidate currently has the upper hand
in competing by these rules?

This is a map as of Oct. 28,
where the states Pres. Obama is presumed to be leading are in blue,
while the states candidate Romney is presumed to be leading colored red.
On first glance, it looks like the candidate Romney's red is leading.
However, if we take a look at the map
that reflects the number of electors of each state as explained earlier...

Pres. Obama has the lead in the large voting blocs states of California and New York,
that's why it doesn't look so substantial visually.
What's more, if we count the number of electors,
Pres. Obama is leading,
201 to 191, by merely 10 more votes.
However, both candidates have not reached the majority of 270 votes.
The key participants now are the 11 states colored yellow-green, such as Florida.
The "swing states" can go either way,
and there are 146 electors.
Among these swing states, the one believed to be the most important is the state of Ohio.

After World War II,
the only person who became president even after losing the state of Ohio
is the late former president John F. Kennedy.

They even say that "the one who gets a hold on Ohio gets a hold on the whole America".
the results from the state of Ohio are believed to have a big influence
on the outcome of this year's elections.

A few days ago, while the U.S. was excited about the presidential elections,
I documented the harsh reality they have in their country.
There are people who live in tents at forests,
who can't find work even if they want to.
I will report on the present-day America next week (airs 11/5).

*Learn more about how elections in the U.S. works here, and the latest approval ratings here.

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So, who do you guys think will win? Obama or Romney? I don't really follow U.S. politics anymore, (I remember watching avidly when Obama was first running for presidency years ago though, lol.) so I don't really have an opinion as to who will win or who's better. :P

Also, did anyone watch the Arashi ni Shiyagare yesterday? DaiGo, the Mentalist was the guest! <3 It's amazing how sharp his observational skills are, to catch everyone's tells. Well, almost everyone anyway. And his manipulation skills! XD And Murao-san will be the guest next week!! I can't wait! ^^
gwengweniegwengwenie on November 4th, 2012 12:50 pm (UTC)
Thanks!! :D