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06 August 2012 @ 09:42 am
Here's a list of translations that I'm currently working on and its progress so far:

  Nippon no Arashi - Matsujun pp. 94-99
  Silver Diamond volume 22 - chapter 64
  Silver Diamond volume 22 - chapter 65
  Silver Diamond volume 22 - chapter 66
  Silver Diamond volume 24 - chapter 70
  Silver Diamond volume 24 - chapter 71
  Silver Diamond volume 24 - chapter 72
-LAST UPDATED: FEB. 2, 2013-
*Silver Diamond Volume 21 's translation is already finished, but not yet released.

  1. TRANSLATION - first drafting of the article
  2. EDITING - reviewing the finished translation by comparing it with the original text, checking the accuracy, grammar, and fluidity
  3. PROOFREADING - final review of the translation without referring to the original text
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For any questions, comments, or feedback, PM me or just leave me a comment in this entry regarding your concerns and I'll get back to you. :) Comments are screened. Even if you don't have an account here, just leave a comment and I'll unscreen it together with my reply so you can see them. :)

This episode's guest is Kondo-san Mizuki Nana! She is a famous seiyuu (voice actress) and singer. Just check out the list of roles and theme songs she's done! It's rather impressive. And she's successful enough as a singer that she has appeared in Kohaku twice. :) Incidentally, Kondo-san Mizuki was also Tsuyoshi's classmate in high school. ^^

Cure Sunshine!!Collapse )
Many thanks to shin_dokyo for the raw!

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Comments are loved. ♥

P.S. What resolution do you prefer for future SDK vids? 704x396 or 1280x720? I just realized that the former can be a bit blurry when you full screen it. ^^; As you probably already know, I only make MQ videos though! Encoding and uploading HQ videos takes too much time. :P

This episode's guest is THE ALFEE! THE ALFEE is one of the legendary rock bands in Japan. Their songs have always been hitting the charts ever since they released their song "Marie Anne" in 1983. They are a 3-member band, and all of them sing and play the guitars. The members (from right to left in the photo above)are Takamizawa , who wears funky clothes and plays the electric guitar, Sakazaki, who has a country-ish feel and plays acoustic guitar, and Sakurai, who wears a suit and sunglasses and plays the bass. Personally, the song I like the most from them is Hoshizora no Distance.

Takamizawa~Collapse )
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P.S.: Anybody know if any of the Toma subbing teams picked up the Toma episode last month yet? Nvm, I decided to leave it to the Toma subbing teams. :P

This episode's guest is Golden Bomber! Golden Bomber is an air rock band that quickly rose to popularity this year for their catchy songs and hilarious performances. The members can't really play instruments, so they just pretend to play or do some sort of performance instead. Check out their performance in Best Artist 2012 for example. XD You can see Arashi's Sho doing some of the moves too! XD

Memeshikute memeshikute memeshikute tsurai yo~Collapse )
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P.S.: Any SDK episodes in particular that you want subbed? :) (Not the Toma episode last week though, one of the Toma-centric subbing teams have probably picked it up already. :P)
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Arashi no Shukudai-kun  Shin Domoto Kyoudai hajimaru yo~!

This episode's guest is Ogura Tomoaki! Ogura-san is the main presenter of the morning news program "Tokudane!", which is why he is also known as the "Morning Face". Most of you most likely know him as the guy with Arashi on Arashi no Shukudai-kun. :)
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P.S. Has anyone watched this year's FNS Kayousai? My favorite collaboration was Memeshikute by Golden Bomber, Go Hiromi and SKE48. It makes you wanna support HIromi-san. XD What's yours?
P.P.S. Does anyone know if someone has already English subbed the Domoto Kyoudai episode last May with Golden Bomber as the guests? I'm thinking of subbing it. ^^
Hey guys~ It's been a while! *coughs* I missed translating Sho's Ichimens, so here's the one from last week!

Ichimen! Oct. 29, 2012 - A Tight Race: A Look at the U.S. Presidential Elections

The U.S. Presidential elections are this coming Tuesday.
It's a tight race!
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*Learn more about how elections in the U.S. works here, and the latest approval ratings here.

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So, who do you guys think will win? Obama or Romney? I don't really follow U.S. politics anymore, (I remember watching avidly when Obama was first running for presidency years ago though, lol.) so I don't really have an opinion as to who will win or who's better. :P

Also, did anyone watch the Arashi ni Shiyagare yesterday? DaiGo, the Mentalist was the guest! <3 It's amazing how sharp his observational skills are, to catch everyone's tells. Well, almost everyone anyway. And his manipulation skills! XD And Murao-san will be the guest next week!! I can't wait! ^^
06 October 2012 @ 10:29 pm
Since it will probably be a long while before the whole series gets scanlated/translated, here's a collection of summaries I've found for each volume/chapter to give you a sense of what's going on in latter half of the series. That being said, please don't clink on the links/spoiler tags if you don't want to be spoiled. ;)
This page contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Summaries under the cut.Collapse )LEGEND:
Hollow diamonds () are old spoilers/summaries.
Colored diamonds () are newly added spoilers/summaries.

 ♢If you have/find any summaries that hasn't already been listed here, by all means, share the link with me by commenting on this entry so that I can add it on here. ^^

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NOTE: If you're going to talk about one of the spoilers in your comment, please use the spoiler tag so that people won't accidentally see it. ^^
29 September 2012 @ 03:29 pm
This page contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.


NOTE: In this Wiki, Last names are written first.

Read more...Collapse )


The plants Rakan and the Sanome has grown up until now.

Read more...Collapse )

SOURCES: Silver Diamond Wiki (Jp)jisho.org and tangorin.com for kanji meanings
REFERENCES: Scanlations by Tokyopop, Sweet Lunacy, Storm in Heaven, silvery_storm, etc.

 Code for new entry (Don't mind this, it's for my own reference :P):[CLICK]

 Any corrections, additions, suggestions? I never got around to reading SD again and check on what plants were mentioned in the previous volumes. If you remember any (and if possibly you could write a brief description as well), just comment on this entry with your addition and I'll put it in the list. ^^ 

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Last month, I saw the Domoto Kyoudai episode with SCANDAL as the guest, and I found it really funny so I tried subbing it! ^^

I found myself kind of regretting starting the whole thing, since translating the comments on the food was rather challenging. >_< There was one line I really wasn't able to translate, 'cause I couldn't quite catch what the commentator said since she said it so fast. It was in the insert part anyway, so I hope you guys don't mind too much. ^^' Also, I apologize if you find any typos! I worked on this myself, so I may have missed a few. If you see some, please do tell me so I can edit it. :D

Scandal's Scandalous RumoursCollapse )
Please don't reupload the file or repost the softsubs download link. Just link back to this post instead. :)

Additional note There was this part where Rina looks (rather accusingly) at Nishikawa. That was because they talked about the same topic in Nishikawa's show, Ienomi, which you can watch online HERE. Someone has also kindly translated it HERE. :) It's a must-watch, if you're a fan for Scandal. ^^

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Hi guys! :D It's been a while~ Sorry about the inactivity. Today I come bringing a translation from an old magazine~ You know that Arashi ni Shiyagare episode (AniShiya #87) where they discuss how strict Sho is with his schedule? And then they showed us how Sho mentioned the program Excel in Popolo, a magazine feauturing male idols? This is the particular article. XD


Newscaster Sakurai talks about his "self" in simple terms!
A Detailed Sakurai Sho Analysis Report
Sakurai Sho, an active newscaster in "NEWS ZERO", will give a 3-minute "Ichimen" about himself! This segment will help you understand "Sakurai Sho" in 3 minutes.

"We check attendance thru Excel."Collapse )
Source: Popolo August 2009 
Scan credits: oomontyoo.... & pornvilai

By the way, I'm now adding webclaps to my entries, for those lazy to comment, as seen below~. XD Just click the button to show your appreciation~ You can add comments/feedback too if you like. ^^
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As always, comments are appreciated. :)