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06 October 2012 @ 10:29 pm
Silver Diamond Summaries  
Since it will probably be a long while before the whole series gets scanlated/translated, here's a collection of summaries I've found for each volume/chapter to give you a sense of what's going on in latter half of the series. That being said, please don't clink on the links/spoiler tags if you don't want to be spoiled. ;)
This page contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Chapter 46 - Waves
Chapter 47 - The Last Night
Chapter 48 - Too Late
Extra Story - Speaking of Which

Lengthy summary of the volume by Estara from Goodreads
Chapter 49 (Ichi*Raci Jan. 2009) - Relationships
Chapter 50 (Ichi*Raci Mar. 2009) -
Chapter 51 (Ichi*Raci Apr. 2009) - The Senroh Family
Extra Story - Self-control

Lengthy summary of the volume by Estara from Goodreads
Brief summary of the volume by Rarapupu from Amazon (Jp). Translation: [Spoiler (click to open)]Chigusa suddenly collapsed. To save Chigusa, Rakan prepares to cut open Chigusa's chest and grab his heart. Then, Hoshiminokoto says that if Chigusa's body is regenerated, his he wouldn't be able to preserve his memories because they're too many, that's why he loses his memory when he regenerates.
Rakan then prepares to accept half of Chigusa's memories so that the latter won't lose his memories.
In this volume, the shock truth of why Chigusa doesn't have any memories, why the Senroh clan is feared, and why he can't die is revealed.
Rakan learns about Senroh Chigusa's sorrowful prayer and despair. Hoshiminokoto is not an impartial leader, but a cruel one.

Chapter 51 summary by alexiel0927
Chapter 52 (Ichi*Raci May. 2009) - Confessions
Chapter 53 (Ichi*Raci Jul. 2009) - Morning is not yet here
Chapter 54 (Ichi*Raci Aug. 2009) - Contrast
Extra Story - Discovery 1 & 2

Lengthy summary of the volume by Estara from Goodreads
Chapter 52 summary by alexiel0927
Chapter 53 spoilers by alexiel0927
Chapter 55 (Ichi*Raci Sept. 2009) - The Strings of Fate
Chapter 56 (Ichi*Raci Nov. 2009) - Priority Order
Chapter 57 (Ichi*Raci Dec. 2009) - VS The World
Extra Story - Sense of Danger

Lengthy summary of the volume by Estara from Goodreads
Brief summary of the volume by Majin from Amazon (Jp). Translation [Spoiler (click to open)]
The previous volume focused more on the strengthening of the bond between Rakan and Chigusa, but in the this volume, the darkness within Narushige's heart is revealed.
He recalls his forgotten memories of when he was a child. He becomes fully aware of the wish he has always had deep within his heart. Why he, who was turned into a scapegoat by his mother Shigeyuki, wasn't eaten by the serpent. Then, we also learn why he is being asked to come back home only now.
Even though he thinks he's betraying Rakan and the others, Narushige prepares to commit himself to his fate while believe in his comrades from the bottom of his heart.

Chapter 56 spoilers by alexiel0927
Chapter 57 spoilers by alexiel0927.
Chapter 58 (Ichi*Raci Jan. 2010) - The Prophecy
Chapter 59 (Ichi*Raci Mar. 2010) - Before the Storm
Chapter 60 (Ichi*Raci Apr. 2010) - Front and Back
Extra Story - Pillow Fight Contest With Everyone

Brief summary of the volume by Majin from Amazon (Jp). Translation [Spoiler (click to open)]
As everything goes exactly as Hoshiminokoto's "prophecy" said it would, Rakan and the others head to the capital comes closer to the tree of the eternal life seed to save the world.
On the other hand, the Ayame Prince uses Narushige as his own puppet, and uses all his power to destroy everything without anyone to trust but Kinrei.
We learn how both Rakan and the Prince fight each other for the same thing-- to cut off the strings used to manipulate them. Chigusa's advanced eyes and Ayame blood becomes a big help to Rakan and the others. I wonder what Chigusa though when he saw the unbreakable link between Rakan and Chigusa.

Brief summary of the volume by Quasifantasia from Amazon (Jp). Translation [Spoiler (click to open)]Upon realizing that their wills were all being manipulated by Hoshiminokoto, Kinrei and the Prince act to destroy the future Hoshiminokoto has designed. Chigusa cuts off the Hoshiminokoto's puppet strings and together with Rakan,  aims to destroy the moon at the capital, which is the source of the world's puppet strings. Meanwhile, Narushige was captured by his mother, forced to drink the Prince's blood, and is now used as a puppet. Shigeyuki does anything to ensure her safe, going so far as to even abandon her relatives. She even used her son as a sacrifice. (I wish she will ruin herself soon out of her own stupidity.)
Brief summary of chapter 60 </span>[Spoiler (click to open)]      *They were determined to destroy the moon and cut off the power of Hoshiminokoto's puppets. They struggled to head over to the thorns of the tree of Eternal life, and its roots in the capital. Along the way, the wires of Rakan and Chigusa's eyes were connected.
      *Dinosaurs made out of bones appeared before Rakan and the others. When those was projected thru Hoshiminokoto's illusion, the people started saying that it was the "ancient demon" in the "prophecy". On top of that, wind dragons have appeared, and "rain" is pouring in the alternate universe.

A spoiler from the volume by Hiratsuka from Seesaa. (Jp) Translation: [Spoiler (click to open)]
Chigusa started off saying that he has a selfish request to Rakan. He wants to connect his eyes with Rakan's. He said that it could save them time when they're in a pinch. However, once they do connect their eyes, they'll be connected or the rest of their life, so Chigusa asks if that's all right with Rakan.
Chapter 61 (Ichi*Raci Jun. 2010) - Order
Chapter 62 (Ichi*Raci Jul. 2010) - Then Flow
Chapter 61 (Ichi*Raci Aug. 2010) - Puppets
Extra Story - Puppets II

Brief summary of chapter 61 [Spoiler (click to open)]
While the Prince in the capital tries to destroy the world, Rakan and the others finally arrive near the capital. At that moment, Kuro was influenced by the Prince's power and went wild. However, Hakubi succeeded in stopping her from going wild. Then after that, Hoshiminokoto appears

Brief summary of chapter 62 [Spoiler (click to open)]
They have finally crossed the bridge that connects to the capital. Using his Sanome power, Rakan made a foundation which will support the capital in Mitama's place and asked her to move before Chigusa gets close to her. Then, as Rakan and the others reach the fortress gates of the capital, they felt Narushige's presence deep inside.

Brief summary of chapter 63 [Spoiler (click to open)]
They have finally made it to the capital, and are now at the fortress gate. Even with the people of the capital being manipulated by the Prince are blocking their way, they managed to break in with the help of the Guards. They were passed through the streets of the capital, but before they reached the life tree, Narushige appears before them, being manipulated by the prince.
Chapter 64 (Ichi*Raci Oct. 2010) - Wish
Chapter 65 (Ichi*Raci Nov. 2010) - Open One's Eyes

Chapter 66 (Ichi*Raci Dec. 2010) - Light
Extra Story - Pillow Fight Contest Report
Chapter 65 spoilers by alexiel0927.
Brief summary of chapter 64 [Spoiler (click to open)]
As Rakan aims for the roots to change the Life Tree grown throughout the city with his Sanome power, they met Narushige again. Narushige was being manipulated by the Prince, but they successfully recovered him safely. Meanwhile, Miya meets Yoruaki in the underground graveyard.

Brief summary of chapter 65 [Spoiler (click to open)]
Pressed for time, they rescued Narushige, then gave power to the life tree, and then changed the thorn tree into a silver tree.

Brief summary of chapter 66 [Spoiler (click to open)]
After changing the tree, they now head high up in the sky to stop the storm.
Chapter 67 (Ichi*Raci Feb. 2011) - The Beginning and the End
Chapter 68 (Ichi*Raci Mar. 2011)
Chapter 69 (Ichi*Raci Apr. 2011) - On the Other Side of the Curtain
Extra Story - Growth

Brief summary of the volume by Quasifantasia from Amazon (Jp). Translation:[Spoiler (click to open)]
It's finally the direct confrontation against Hoshiminokoto. However, Hoshiminokoto is a spirit that doesn't have a corporeal form, and he can appear anywhere with the shining sand.
Chigusa's recovered memories reveal that the Amano Empire (where Rakan and the others are travelling) was a testing site used for Hoshiminokoto to become God. When Chigusa remembers that Hoshiminokoto was the one who artificially created his immortal body, and he has been forced to kill people for the past one thousand years, I was so glad that Rakan was with him.
Meanwhile, the Ayame Prince cries for the first time upon seeing Kinrei, the only people he ever trusted, become a puppet without a will.

Brief summary of the volume: [Spoiler (click to open)]
They learn that Hoshiminokoto's prophecy was actually an "experiment" of his from a thousand years ago. They then succeed in destroying the "moon" while fighting Hoshiminokoto off. Meanwhile, the Ayame Prince has started acting again, and told Rakan and Chigusa that "I'll tell you guys something you don't know about."
Chapter 70 (Ichi*Raci Jun. 2011) - Fruition
Chapter 71 (Ichi*Raci Jul. 2011) - With God, Humans, and Puppets
Chapter 72 (Ichi*Raci Aug. 2011) - For Who
Extra Story - Casually... (long title)

Brief summary of the volume by Quasifantasia from Amazon (Jp). Translation [Spoiler (click to open)]
The secret about Rakan's birth is finally revealed. The truth about the things that haven't been doubted before is completely different.
The Ayame Prince, Kinrei, Rakan, Chigusa, Narushige, Tohji, and even the the Flowers of Light are all part of Hoshiminokoto's world creation experiment project.
They thought that Hoshiminokoto would disappear by destroying the moon, but he still appeared using the Flowers of Light as his mediator.
Rakan explodes with anger at Hoshiminokoto a lot of things: For calling himself God, for absorbing the energy of the people who believe in him when they look at him, for using many people as human sacrifices, for manipulating people's lives, and for thinking that only he himself is in the right.
"Chigusa has been suffering all this time in your place! Be grateful, you damn idiot!!"
A person who doesn't doubt that what he believes in is right will always be convinced that he is right, so Rakan's accusal will never be understood by Hoshiminokoto, no matter what he says. After all, he gets rid of the Ayame Prince because he has no use for him anymore, and he's now trying to eliminate Rakan since he can't be manipulated anymore. The Ayames that withers plants are a symbol Hoshiminokoto's crime.
Through the sound of the Bell Tree which wipes away filth, Hoshiminokoto's illusion is blown away, but the conclusion they come to lies in the next volume.
Chapter 73 (Ichi*Raci Oct. 2011)
Chapter 74 (Ichi*Raci Nov. 2011)
Chapter 75 (Ichi*Raci Dec. 2011)
Extra Story - Whispers

Brief summary of the volume by Quasifantasia from Amazon (Jp). Translation:[Spoiler (click to open)]
In volume 25, the main story is on how Shigeyuki found out the duty (secret) of the Shigeka clan before she became the head of the family. Even though they're family, she has been believed to be a selfish woman who thinks completely differently from Sae and Narushige, she is actually a brave woman who bore the secret all by herself, hid her determination, and made a serious decision.
She named Narushige and Sae with her feelings for them in mind. It was a heart melting story.
Also, the Ayame Prince has gained more emotions. Since Kinrei gained his consciousness again and will always stay by the Prince's side, the Ayame Prince settles his fight against Rakan to the bitter end.
Chapter 76 (Ichi*Raci Feb. 2012) - No Matter How sinful
Chapter 77 (Ichi*Raci Mar. 2012) - Whether Falling Or Blooming
Chapter 78 (Ichi*Raci May 2012) - Burning with life is everything
Extra Story - The Only Name

Spoilers from Supponpon (lmao, the username means "stark naked". XD) from Chill Chill (Jp). Translation: [Spoiler (click to open)]Rakan-kun and Chigusa will exhaust their life span very soon. Chigusa said that it's for certain since indicated in their circuits.
The 'Chi' in 'Chigusa' actually means "lives for around one thousand years". And Sanomes by nature have short life spans.
Rakan declares, "I love you all. Second to Chigusa."

Brief summary of the volume by Quasifantasia from Amazon (Jp). Translation: [Spoiler (click to open)]The confrontation between Kinrei & the Ayame Prince VS Rakan and Chigusa is coming to an end. Why? Because The Prince, Rakan, Kinrei and Chigusa are artificial beings made by Hoshiminokoto. They are already reaching the end of their life span.
Hoshiminokoto was the one who established when they'll wake up and when they'll use up all their strength. The four of them found it painful to fight to live upon learning this
It's not about who is right, or who will win or lose, but about the fighting the impulses within each of them, and making a satisfying conclusion.
Upon learning about it for the first time, the Guards have no words to say to Rakan and Chigusa.

Brief summary of the volume [Spoiler (click to open)]Rakan and Chigusa knew that they are nearing the end of their life span, and yet continued on to save the world without telling anyone about it. They fight the Prince and Kinrei with their lives to protect the alternate universe. As their comrades who learn about Rakan and Chigusa's life span for the first tine watch, Rakan captured the Prince and Kinrei using the immortal birds. However, at the end of the volume the Prince and Kinrei reveals that they also have one last trick up their sleeves.
Chapter 79 (Ichi*Raci Jun. 2012) - All like flowers
Chapter 80 (Ichi*Raci Jul. 2012) - Once upon a time
Extra Story - Metamorphosis
Extra Story - To Be Continued

Chapter 79 short summary by me: [Spoiler (click to open)]All 4 of them are very weak now, and they declare to each other that their next strike will be the last one. They reflect upon themselves, thinking that "this is me" and that all their actions were by their own choice and not because of some predetermined fate. Rakan reflects on how the uniform he's wearing is proof that he was in the other world. Kinrei and the Prince destroying the world is proof that those two lived. Rakan and Chigusa protecting the world is proof that they lived. Rakan apologized to everyone for not telling them about his short life span. The truth was that he was scared, that's why he couldn't tell them about it. Rakan then tells the people to remember them, and live their lives to the fullest. In the end, Rakan and Chigusa succeeds in stopping Kinrei and the prince from destroying the world, and all four of them drop dead. The Sanome who looks like Rakan's mother also withers away.
Chapter 80 short summary by pikohammer from tumblr.
Metamorphosis brief summary by Emu from akahoshitakuya (Jp). Translation:[Spoiler (click to open)]
It's the story of the first time Narushige and Koh met. Narushige got the sword snake Koh from Mitama-sama. Koh was just an object (something like a robot) at first, but gained life as he spent more time with Narushige.
Map of Darkness [First half] (Ichi*Raci Oct. 2012)
Map of Darkness [Second half] (Ichi*Raci Nov. 2012)
The Last Shelter from the Rain (Ichi*Raci Dec. 2012)

Map of Darkness [First half] description:[Spoiler (click to open)]Features Kazuhi and the other Numbered Children's lives right after they were cast away from the capital.
Map of Darkness [Second half] description: [Spoiler (click to open)]Features the suffering of Kazuhi and all the other older members of the Frontier Guard. It's the story of how they've been hiding the fact that the world is dying from the younger guys up until Rakan and the others arrived.

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galexiasgalexias on October 7th, 2012 09:15 am (UTC)
Thanks for this!! I was planning to re-read SD but kept postponing it because I hate long unfinished manga, but with this i will get a general idea of what will happen!!
Again thanks!!
black_shinblack_shin on December 5th, 2012 04:03 am (UTC)
Thank you very much! Now I know what is going on with this series.
I'm still waiting for the English translation, but at least I'm not totally blind of what happens.
Thank you again for those who write the summary and for you to collect it :)
Bane Huntressbane_huntress on December 7th, 2012 02:16 am (UTC)
arck! when will I learn NOT to read spoilers! but then it's such a LONG story I would go mad without this! so thanks for it ^_^

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Syereensyereen232 on December 28th, 2012 06:04 am (UTC)
im glad there's summaries for all the chapters coz i'd go mad waiting for the translation. lol. but as i read chapter 79, i regretted reading the summary.did they really uh...*sob*. And is this the end? sd is sooooo good i wish it never end ;p